Timeshare Services Offered

  • Some clients find it hard to believe that a timeshare closing is as much work as a residential home escrow, but we have found by doing both that they are equally a challenge. There is no doubt that there are other companies out there offering lower fees. However, most do not offer the level of client care that we do.

  • Written Resort confirmation of all unit/ownership details

  • Phone calls to Resort to confirm any questionable issues that may arise.

  • Follow-up after with resort after closing, confirming transfer complete and ownership in Buyer names before Seller proceeds are released.

Timeshare Services Offered

“Does your timeshare closing company do all of this for their fee?”

  • Fax or email draft instructions for agent review

  • Priority mailing of commission checks

  • Email documents to seller and buyer

  • Wiring seller proceeds funds

  • Escrowing of purchase funds

  • Closing instructions neutral 3rd party

  • Closing statements

  • Written resort account status verification

  • Coordination of title insurance

  • Affidavits and quitclaim when required

  • Seller proceeds held until resort transfer is completed

  • Follow up with resort after closing

We would love to put our expertise to work for you!

(excludes title insurance, resort transfer fee, and recording fees)

100% Customer Satisfaction is our continual goal.

In order to get started, please download the attached 4 forms, complete, sign, and return to us by fax, along with the deposit, and you will be rolling!

  1. Buyer deposit authorization form.
  2. Seller Release
  3. Selection of Services
  4. Takesheet Transmittal