Don’t pay a company to take your timeshare off your hands! In many cases it is worth SOMETHING on the resale market, and at minimum, you can walk away without taking your credit card out of your wallet.

Sell Your Timeshare

Many timeshare owners are paying hundreds and even thousands of dollars to “get out of their timeshare” which is often called “Timeshare Relief” and “Timeshare Exit Strategy”. Just yesterday another letter arrived in our mailbox since we own timeshares ourselves, offering to “achieve a full discharge of all future Resort owner Maintenance dues and associated fees”. These businesses are popping up on every corner and many are traveling to put on “seminars”.   Many owners are not aware that in many cases their timeshare is actually worth something on the resale market, and they can walk away without having to pay any fees to anyone in advance. These “relief” company staffers will scare you into believing that paying them fees is the only way to get out from under this ownership which will be burdensome to your heirs if you pass away.

How to get rid of your Timeshare without paying fees?

Timeshare relief companies are making all of their money on the front end telling you they must collect years’ maintenance fees in advance since they could end up stuck with a worthless timeshare, and then they immediately (sometimes before the unit is actually deeded out of your name) reselling timeshare units at rock bottom prices so they do not have to pay those maintenance fees and can pocket the money as profit. In some cases, the owner cannot actually “get out” due to loan balances and liens, but it is too late, they have parted with the funds already and now telephone calls are not being returned. Don’t fall for this often legal yet unethical sales pitch which is based on a lie – that your timeshare is worthless. Even if YOU sell the ownership for $1.00, and Buyer pays all closing costs, it is still a better deal than PAYING someone to take it off your hands. Keep your credit card in your wallet where it belongs, and call us for a referral to one of our clients who are licensed real estate brokers and agents who specialize in timeshare resales. They can assist you in finding a real buyer for no advanced fees unless resort charges a small fee for estoppel statements (but you can order those direct from the management company), so you do not get taken advantage of yet AGAIN.

Once a Buyer is found, and a written contract drawn up by the real estate agent who is accountable to the applicable State Department of Real Estate, we will open a closing transaction and make sure you receive an accurate deed taking the ownership out of your name legally.

Call us today at 417-239-3398 to find out what your timeshare may be worth, or what your options really are before you sign on to pay money for relief.

Bessinger testimony

Our clients were about to PAY SOMEONE to get them out of their timeshare, then they MADE MONEY when they were able to find a Buyer, and used our services - contact us to find out how!

Posted by Quality Timeshare Closings, Inc. on Thursday, August 27, 2015

See the testimony here from Mr. and Mrs. Bessinger who ended up with $2,500.00 IN their bank account, instead of $4,000.00 OUT!