Quality Timeshare Closings provides specialized coordination and recording of attorney prepared deeds for attorneys who are not familiar with timeshares or are located outside of the state where the property is located. Often the family attorney would like to assist their clients in deeding timeshare properties into their family trust, adding children on, divorce deeding, etc., but the timeshare realm is a bit of a mystery.

Timeshare Attorney Branson Mo

We work with you to provide the deeds – prepared by attorneys who specialize in timeshares in the state the property is located, send the documents to you to obtain client signatures, we coordinate recording, and can notify the resort for you if need be.  Or just refer your clients to us, and we will take over from there.

Deed Preparation Fee

Most attorneys and paralegals do not deal with timeshare properties on a regular basis and need assistance in navigating through the technicalities associated with timeshare properties. That’s where we come in. Our coordination fee is $300.00 per deed, includes our specialist attorney’s deed preparation fees, and notification to resort. If your office is handling contact with the resort, we discount to $250.00, and include ordering copies of existing recorded deeds if needed. Recording and delivery fees, as well as Resort transfer fees are additional, and vary. Give us a call or drop an email.  We look forward to working with you!