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Our clients were about to PAY SOMEONE to get them out of their timeshare, then they MADE MONEY when they were able to find a Buyer, and used our services - contact us to find out how!

Posted by Quality Timeshare Closings, Inc. on Thursday, August 27, 2015

Timeshare Closings Services

At Quality Timeshare Closings we know that Accuracy, Timeliness and Professionalism are a MUST for your timeshare escrow and timeshare closing services. We specialize in assisting Sellers and Buyers, as well as real estate brokers and agents with neutral Third-party timeshare closing services, including deed and document preparation, processing, recording, and handling trust funds for protection of all parties.

While other companies may claim to offer faster, cheaper, more bells and whistles timeshare closings, we like to focus on bringing our clients a high QUALITY timeshare service, with timely responses to your questions or concerns, and documentation that is done correctly the first time. An effective tool we use to maintain a high level of accuracy is our alliance with quality title companies who give us excellent service, and …

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Our Timeshare Closing Services & More…

timeshare documents

Timeshare Closings

Our fee for complete Timeshare Closing Services is $350. This fee does not include resort transfer fee, documentary transfer tax and recording fees charged by the county recorder, or title insurance…

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workers in office

Timeshare Services

Some clients find it hard to believe that a timeshare closing is as much work as a residential home escrow, but we have found by doing both that they are equally a challenge. There is no doubt that…

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broker agent

Broker / Agent Services

Every job is a self-portrait of the person who did it. Autograph your work with excellence. We are happy to be able to extend our services to the hard-working Timeshare Resale Brokers of America…

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attorney at law

Attorneys – Deed Preparation

Quality Timeshare Closings provides specialized deed preparation services for attorneys who are not familiar with timeshares but want to assist their clients in deeding timeshare properties…

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timeshare location

How To Get Rid Of Your Timeshare

Don’t pay a company to take your timeshare off your hands! In many cases it is worth SOMETHING on the resale market, and at minimum, you can walk away without taking your credit card…

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timeshare forms


Click here to download forms to get started on your timeshare transaction. Buyer deposit authorization form, Seller Release, Selection of Services and Takesheet Transmittal.

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    I checked on the VI website and points have already been allocated including the points not used in the last 2 years. We already booked some of the “Saved points” with VI. My wife and I are very happy with the support we received during the contract, closing and transfer process. Best Regards, Kim and Eileen Thaler Buyer, Vacation Internationale Points
    Kim and Eileen Thaler