karl brodersen and daughtersKarl Brodersen started opening timeshare resale escrows with our office in February of 2010, and has opened new transactions with us averaging  100 deals per year ever since. To say he is fiercely loyal would be an under-statement;  Karl will fight with bulldog tenacity to negotiate contracts for his clients’ best interests, including utilizing our services for closing because he believes in Quality, including attention to detail.

Karl has been in the timeshare world for 25 years after 10 years as a stock broker, beginning his sales career in Palm Springs before deciding he wanted to travel the world, and spent 10 years in the Caribbean, including a stint at the Harbourside Atlantis.   He has been a landlubber for 10 years in Florida now, specializing in all things Starwood, Marriott, and Utah ski weeks.  Karl consistently sells over $1 Million  per year in timeshare resale transactions.

Karl is proud to be  a single Dad to two beautiful daughters (pictured here with him), and enjoys body surfing weekly when the waves are up in New Smyrna Beach, and golf (he does not mind me sharing with you that his handicap is 8).  Karl, still a young man in his 50’s, has been sober for 27 years, and plans to continue to enjoy his family and timeshare reselling for many years to come. Karl works for Timeshare Broker Sales in Florida and can be reached at;

[email protected]


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