The process of transferring ownership of a timeshare property can be difficult, even for experienced property owners. This article will walk you through the necessary steps in order to transfer ownership of your property.

Detail Confirmation and Ownership Verification

You can transfer your timeshare ownership by filling out the broker’s detail confirmation form, paying the broker’s fee, and providing identification. The completion of these three steps will transfer your timeshare to the new name. It is best to speak with an expert before making this change to ensure you are doing it correctly.

Document Preparation and Timeshare Escrow

Before you can transfer your timeshare ownership, you need to prepare the required documents and find a qualified timeshare escrow company. It’s important that the escrow company has experience in transferring timeshare ownership. Otherwise, they might not know what to do with your property and this could cause problems down the road.

Deed Recording and Ownership Transfer

To transfer ownership from one person to another when a home is being sold, the property must be recorded in the deed. The deed has information about the location of the property, quality and type of property interest being transferred, and amount of consideration due in exchange for this transfer.

How Long Does It Take To Transfer A Timeshare Resale?

Transferring a timeshare is a process which can take from several weeks to months depending on the speed you need the transfer to happen. A large portion of your wait time will be determined by how long any legal process – such as working with a real estate attorney.