The idea of a timeshare may seem attractive. Two weeks a year in a luxury hotel for a great price? What could go wrong? In reality, you might end up paying for this vacation every year and getting little out of it. Timeshares are sold as an investment because they can be rented out when the owner is not using their unit, but the reality is that the rental market for timeshares is very limited and often expensive.

How To Sell, Cancel or Get Rid of Your Timeshare?

What To Do if You No Longer Want Your Timeshare

If you’re not using your timeshare, you can sell it. Timeshares have been around for years and have been a popular vacation option for families. However, many people find that they no longer need or want to use their timeshare after the initial purchase. If you decide to sell the timeshare, keep in mind that this process can be time consuming and there are rules regarding the steps that should be followed before you submit your request. You will also need to provide proof of residency when submitting your request for a resale of a timeshare, even if you are planning on selling it to someone outside of your state.

Sell Your Timeshare

Timeshare ownership can seem like a great idea—owning a luxurious, unused property with a resort setting, spectacular views and the sense of being at a home away from home. But owning a timeshare can become an expensive burden for so many reasons. You may find yourself paying dues and maintenance fees that you can no longer afford, or fighting your way around the booking system to find any spare days you need for your family vacations. Most vexing of all is when other households in your timeshare create responsibilities that you don’t understand and costs that affect you financially.

The best solution to selling your timeshare is to hire a Timeshare Broker. They can sell timeshares for free and charge you a fee only if they are successful.

What are the advantages of cancelling your timeshare?

One of the major advantages is to avoid being stuck with a lifetime of commitment. Cancelling your timeshare can result in you not having to pay annual fees. First, if there are no other options and you need something now, then definitely do the timeshare cancellation. It will be cheaper than paying the money upfront. One way to look at it is that you’re literally paying money twice for the same thing. For example, let’s say your family has been members of Country Walk (for years) and they have a two bedroom villa with a hot tub. This costs $1,000 per month, per person. Instead of paying $2,000 per month ($3,000 total), you can cancel and pay just $1,100 per person ($1,700 total). That’s about a 20% savings on expenses – not too bad!

Most timeshare contracts have a “cancel for a fee” clause that the consumer can use to get out of their contract. This means that you can cancel your timeshare at any time. You just need to pay the cancellation fee– which varies depending on if it’s for termination, early withdrawal, or because you’re filed bankruptcy. The potential savings are monumental, so doing this is worth your while no matter what.

How to get rid of your timeshare without paying fees?

Timeshares have become the new mortgage. If you lose money each year on your home, it’s time for you to learn about timeshares. Why do people get into these things? Perhaps because they’ve been lied to and misled by the seller, or perhaps because they’re ill-informed and simpletons (real estate agents are also part of this category). The reason we’re getting into this? Because it’s a great way to make some quick money without doing any work.

Quality Timeshare Closings offers help for those who regret buying a timeshare and want to get rid of their timeshare. Quality Timeshare Closings offers all-inclusive, hassle-free services that allow you to cancel and sell your timeshare without penalties and can even help you with the paperwork.