Caryn Cook in BudapestOur May Timeshare Resale Agent of the month for May 2014 is the Broker for Timeshare Liquidators, Caryn Cook. Don’t let the name of her company fool you, she is NOT a “liquidation company” that promises to sell or remove a timeshare from the owner’s names by extracting large amounts of up-front funds from timeshare owners – ALL of her transactions are brokered and her commissions are paid at the closing, so you can keep your credit card in your wallet when you contact her to list your property for sale, or to have her locate a suitable timeshare for you, and her Buyers put good faith deposit funds into escrow with us. Caryn first started working with us when we were handling resale escrows in California, and like many other agents, she uses other closing companies as well, but has always had a positive relationship with us. Caryn was among the early pioneers in the resale business, when a group of timeshare salespersons realized that owners needed a way to resell their timeshares when they were no longer wanting and/or using them. Timeshare Liquidators was born in Palm Springs, California in 1996, utilizing a freeway billboard and airport advertising to start. Caryn specializes in Los Cabos, Cabo San Lucas Mexico and Palm Springs area timeshares, including Marriott’s Desert Springs Villas, Marriott’s Shadow Ridge, and she is also the broker for the newly refurbished Palm Springs Tennis Club. Caryn could be coined a lifelong gypsy, having lived in Hawaii for 10 years, in addition to South Florida and Colorado Mountains, and traveling the world since she was in her 20’s.

Her latest trip included London, England and Budapest, Hungary as show in the photo above. Caryn is very passionate about getting “out there” and enjoys helping others see the world by experiencing timeshare ownership. Her friendliness and warmth have always made her a pleasure to work with, in addition to her attention to detail, client follow up, and professionalism. In her spare time when not taking care of her clients and traveling, Caryn enjoys her 4 grandchildren, with a 5th on the way! Caryn is a member of the LTRBA (Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker Association) and the Business Consumer Alliance. You can visit Caryn’s website at , email her [email protected], or call 800-320-2345.

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