Dottie, HGV Club at Sunrise Lodge, Utah Seller

You were amazing! Feel like we are friends. THANK YOU SO MUCH for your help! I left you a voice message that amazing that we began the final paper work the Friday before HURRICANE IRMA hit us and today, eve of Thanksgiving, I get your message. It is just wonderful.

Evelyn, Tahiti Village, Las Vegas, Nevada Buyer

Kelly, thank you so much for following up. They just emailed yesterday and all is squared up. They put next year’s maintenance fees into our account as a credit - all good! If we decide on another timeshare deal in the future, we will definitely use your company! I’d like to get a points-based purchase [...]

The check for the timeshare arrived today. Thanks for helping me find a good home for that property. You both did a marvelous job.

Julia R., Disney Seller

Kelly and team; You all are terrific! This has been such a stress free process because of your great communication! We sincerely appreciate all of your hard work and diligence! Kind Regards,

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